2012 Bioscience Awards Applications Now Available

Applications for the FY2012 Biotechnology Development Awards for Biotechnology Commercialization or Translational Research now are available at www.marylandbiocenter.org.

These awards of up to $200,000 each are granted on a competitive basis by the state of Maryland through its Maryland Biotechnology Center. Applicants should choose to apply for one of the two programs depending upon the nature of the project for which they are seeking funding.

The primary difference in the types of projects funded by these two programs is the stage of commercialization of the technology associated with the proposed project.

Biotechnology Commercialization
Projects eligible for Biotechnology Commercialization awards should support products or services that will be ready to enter the market and generate revenue within three years. This program is targeted to projects in late-stage development with a clear path to market. Priority will be given to those close to commercialization, or for which the award will contribute to a milestone critical to achieve a round of financing.

Translational Research
The Translational Research awards program favors projects involving interactions between the state’s private companies and academic research programs that provide a clear path to advance promising research on a viable commercialization path.

The deadline to apply for either award program is 5 p.m. on Feb. 15.