ABC’s Claire Shipman, BBC’s Katty Kay discuss ‘Womenomics’ at College of Notre Dame

Claire Shipman, senior national correspondent of ABC’s Good Morning America, and Katty Kay, anchor of BBC World News America, will discuss their book, “WOMENOMICS: Write Your Own Rules for Success,” January 11, at 7 p.m. in LeClerc Auditorium at College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

Tickets are $30 per person and include a signed copy of the book. Tickets may be purchased online.

The authors define “WOMENOMICS” in three ways: as power; as a movement that will enable a woman to implement a work life she really wants; and the powerful collision of two simple realities: a majority of women are demanding new rules of engagement at the very moment women have become the hot commodity in today’s workplace.

Shipman and Kay demonstrate how it’s possible for women to arrange a work life that offers greater flexibility and more control over her time. Even in challenging economic times, women are more valuable than ever to the bottom line of the business world, and that talent is what is needed today.

In their discussion at College of Notre Dame, the women’s college in Maryland, the authors will provide tips on how to capitalize on workplace and economic trends, particularly the growing power of women. They contend women can and should define success for themselves, even if it means counterintuitive career moves, such as turning down promotions and kicking down the corporate ladder.

“With WOMENOMICS, you can reach a career-life balance that really does work for you, your family, your boss and your future,” Shipman and Kay write in their book.

The authors explain that time is the new currency, for women and the generations who follow. Kids vs. successful career is no longer a zero-sum game. The workplace is in the throes of profound change. The new metric will be results, not hours in an office chair. Companies that offer their workers freedom receive higher productivity in return.

The book has been praised by several notable women including:
• Diane Sawyer, ABC News
“A personal, provocative and challenging book for career women who want less guilt, more life.”

• Tina Brown, The Daily Beast
“WOMENOMICS describes the workplace trend that finally makes it possible for women to be successful and sane at the same time. Shipman and Kay spark a conversation whose time has finally come.”

• Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office
“Without wasted words, Shipman and Kay provide practical suggestions for how you can take charge of your career with courage and confidence. Theirs is timely and solid advice you can take to the bank.”

The event at College of Notre Dame is co-sponsored by The United Way Women’s Leadership Council, The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Junior League of Baltimore, Network 2000, Women’s Alliance of Partners in Excellence and Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County.

College of Notre Dame, the first Catholic college for women in the United States to award the four-year baccalaureate degree, is located at 4701 North Charles Street in Baltimore. For more information, call 410-532-5109.

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