Achievement Counts Speakers Bureau needs volunteers

Want to make a difference in a young person’s life? There’s still time to be an Achievement Counts volunteer.

The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT) currently is recruiting volunteers from the state’s business community to participate in its national award-winning Speakers Bureau.

Over the past decade, more than 3,000 speakers have made presentations about the importance of working hard in school and completing rigorous coursework to a half million 7th-9th graders statewide. Now it’s your turn. The Achievement Counts Speakers Bureau needs volunteers to step up and participate in this year’s program.

Speakers Bureau volunteers attend a three-hour training session in September. Once training is complete, speakers typically make four 45-minute classroom presentations during the school year. They are able to choose the school, dates and times that are most convenient for them and fit best with their work schedules.

“Volunteers talk to students about their own work and school experiences, sending a positive message to students about the need to take schoolwork seriously right now, not when they are high school seniors,” said June Streckfus, executive director of the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT).

“It is important for those of us who have entered the professional world to show these students that there is someone out there who cares about their futures,” one Speakers Bureau volunteer said. “It is very rewarding to witness that light bulb moment … the moment when you see the excitement in their eyes and know that the Achievement Counts message has reached that student.”

The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education is a coalition of nearly 100 major Maryland employers committed to improving student achievement in the state.

Contact LaTara Harris at 410-788-0333 for more information.


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