Achieving Economies Will Enable the BCFD to Improve and Modernize the Department

Number of properties acquired and disposed of annually.
Timeliness of procurement of title services.
Post-disposition real property taxes paid to the City.

Boarding and Demolition

Number of buildings cleaned and boarded monthly and timeliness of process.
Number of demolitions performed annually.
Speed of demolition bidding and contracting process.
Cost per boarding or demolition.

Inspections and Permits
Number of inspections performed monthly by each inspector.
Thorough pursuit of housing code violations; number resolved by housing improvements versus those resolved by the payment of fines.
Consistent implementation of permit application review and approval process.
Customer responsiveness in permitting process.
Number of un-permitted construction projects identified by building and housing inspectors while ‘on the job.’
Number of permit brochures distributed and number of customers who access the brochure on-line via the City’s website.
Number and type of complaints made by permit applicants, and number of complaints addressed.

Neighborhood Services

Speed with which Crisis Centers respond to requests for assistance.
Timeliness and follow-up of Community Service Block Grant-contracted services.
Response time for complaints received at call center in Mayor’s Office.

Public Housing

Rent collection rate.
Work order response time.
Unit turn-around time.
Occupancy rate.
Crime statistics.
Upkeep of property.

Section 8 Leased Housing

Number of customer complaints and response time.
Number of leases made monthly/utilization rate.
Number of Section 8 units administered by the City in non-impacted areas.
Number of Section 8 units in surrounding counties.
Number of new landlords participating in program in non-impacted areas.
Success at meeting Section 8 quality control goals, determined through monthly reviews on 10 percent of transactions.
Length of waiting list.

Rehabilitation and Commercial Development

Amount of new capital investment for the rehabilitation of older buildings (enhanced by the SMART Code).
Amount of new commercial development/investment on retail streets.