Aligning Complementary Functions

Aligning Complimentary Functions
A critical element of the project team’s review of DPW involved evaluating the effectiveness of its current organizational structure. Efforts were focused on ensuring that management responsibilities for complementary functions were strategically aligned and that existing organizational structures were in place to promote effective and efficient management. The project team and its subcommittees identified a number of organizational units where fragmented management and functional responsibilities impede efforts to manage costs and coordinate the quality and effectiveness of delivered services. The report contains recommendations specifically designed to optimize the division of building and parks maintenance responsibilities between DPW and the Department of Recreation and Parks, to establish direct links between management of solid waste collection activities and the management of sanitation enforcement; to establish direct links between building and watershed security and the DPW entities actually responsible for managing these areas, and to consolidate specific complimentary and interdependent functional responsibilities in areas such as transportation-related engineering and billing-related functions within the water and wastewater operations.

Introduction: Department of Public Works
Focusing on Core Public Works Functions by Creating New and More Effective Management Structures
Aligning Complementary Functions
Improving Asset Management
Utilizing Managed Competition to Reduce Costs
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