Artscape festival has $25.97 million economic impact on Baltimore city

The Baltimore Office Promotion & The Arts announced Artscape, America’s largest free arts celebration which takes place annually the third weekend in July, had an economic impact of $25.97 million on Baltimore City in 2009.

A study was conducted by Forward Analytics, a Pennsylvania-based market research firm whose clients include festivals and events throughout the United States. The study concluded the revenue gained by the Baltimore Metropolitan “more than offsets the public investment” in the annual event.

Artscape attracted an estimated 350,000 residents and visitors and had a total economic impact of $25.97 million with $7.02 million in direct impact and $18.95 million in indirect impact. Direct spending by out-of-the area festival-goers generated $350,950 in sales tax revenues for the State of Maryland.

Of the 350,000 Artscape attendees, 35,350 traveled from outside Maryland and 163,800 visited from outside of the Baltimore Metropolitan area. The attendees spent $257,699 at local hotels generating $20,677 in tax revenues to Baltimore City. Plus travel to and from the festival increased gas expenditures in Baltimore City by $768,549 generating $78,868 in gasoline tax revenue for Maryland.

Festival-goers spent $9 million with Artscape vendors of which $3.5 million was spent on art from the exhibitors and $4.3 million on food and beverages.

With a significant portion of Artscape’s budget comprised of support from corporate sponsors, the survey research demonstrates attendees recognize and appreciate sponsor contributions. The study noted an overwhelming 72 percent of respondents could identify two or more of the festival’s sponsors.

With regard to demographics, 49 percent of the respondents were single, 33 percent were married and 8.5 percent were partnered. In addition, 22.8 percent had an undergraduate degree or higher and 35.2 percent completed some college. A majority 51 percent had a household income of $60,000 and above.

In 2010, the 29th annual Artscape festival takes place July 16, 17 and 18 in the Mount Royal Avenue and North Charles Street area of Baltimore City. The festival is presented by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and is produced by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts.

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