Baltimore Business Journal: Baltimore’s Fearless expects to add ‘dozens’ of jobs thanks to $120M federal contract

By Morgan Eichensehr
July 15, 2021

The following is an excerpt from the Baltimore Business Journal article.

Baltimore’s Fearless has been awarded a new contract with a federal agency that it says could create “dozens” of new jobs at the software firm.

Technology Transformation Services (TTS), an effort within the federal government’s General Services Administration (GSA), awarded the contract, which comes in the form of a blanket purchase agreement. That means the GSA can call on Fearless to provide technology services as needed at any point over a five-year period. The purchase agreement could be worth up to $120 million for Fearless, and will allow the company to significantly expand its team.

Fearless specializes in building software tools for government agencies. Greg Godbout, director of digital services and business development, said under the new purchase agreement, Fearless will provide web application development, data science work, product development, quality assurance and more for the GSA, which operates online federal services such as and The blanket agreement allows the GSA to streamline the procurement process and call on Fearless’ services whenever they are needed, instead of having to go through a request for proposals process for every new project.

What exactly Fearless will be working on and how many new employees it will need to do that work will depend on future directions from the GSA, Godbout said. But in the meantime, he said Fearless is actively looking to hire for roles in software development, senior-level consulting and more in preparation for the work. Ultimately, the company hopes to add “dozens” more developers, engineers, data scientists and designers to its team under the GSA contract.

Fearless currently employs more than 140 people, half of whom are female and 38% of whom are Black, indigenous or people of color.

The company, headed by CEO Delali Dzirasa, was one of one of four minority- and/or women-owned tech firms to earn such awards from GSA’s Technology Transformation Services. The three others, which are all based in Virginia, are SemanticBits, VirBixal and Amivero.

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Source: Baltimore Business Journal

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