Baltimore City Health Department seeks support for “Prevention Wednesday” campaign

Commissioner Josh Sharfstein and the Baltimore City Health Department are seeking support for the “Prevention Wednesday” campaign. The Baltimore City Health Department’s “Prevention Wednesday” program highlights preventative health issues on occasional Wednesdays throughout the year. The goal of “Prevention Wednesday” is to deliver timely prevention information to a broad public audience by linking a frequently overlooked health topic with a frequently overlooked day of the week. 

The Baltimore City Health Department is looking to expand this program by partnering with area businesses, community organizations, government agencies and local schools.

Researchers estimate 75 percent of all company healthcare costs are due to preventable chronic health conditions such as seasonal flu, obesity and hypertension. “Prevention Wednesday” will help implement easy and effective health education programs that will improve the health of employees. The program will encourage individuals to practice healthy lifestyles and take advantage of immunizations, preventative medications and/or screenings.

The “Prevention Wednesday” message provides information and tips on relevant health topics where action today can prevent illness tomorrow. It is our hope organizations will help spread the “Prevention Wednesday” message by:
• Displaying “Prevention Wednesday” posters on bulletin board
• Incorporating “Prevention Wednesday” messages into your own organizational culture (e-mails, newsletters, events)
• Getting more involved by sponsoring a “Prevention Wednesday event” (i.e. National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, or World AIDS Day)

The Baltimore City Health Department would like to highlight Wednesday as a day to “be healthy” and every organization can help. All of the “Prevention Partners” will be listed on the department’s Web site. Spanish translations of “Prevention Wednesday” flyers are also available for distribution.

If you are interested in supporting the campaign, please contact Shannon Cosgrove, Baltimore City Health Department.