Baltimore Corps’ Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Baltimore

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Baltimore Corps will focus on where it adds unique value: Staffing critical frontline roles (i.e., social workers, healthcare professionals) and advocating for the small business community.

Fortifying Our Frontline Response

Baltimore City, like most major markets in the United States, will face an acute shortage of frontline service workers. That shortage is primarily motivated by three drivers: a surge in patients because of COVID-19 (taxing frontline providers), the vulnerability of frontline workers to the virus (many healthcare professionals in Baltimore City are over the age of 50 and thereby especially susceptible to the worst impacts of the virus), and the moral imperative to serve especially vulnerable populations. In Baltimore City, for instance, thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness will require intensive support during this crisis.

As the pandemic spreads through the population, Baltimore Corps expects that shortage of frontline service workers to only increase. Therefore, effective immediately, Baltimore Corps is aligning its recruitment and placement efforts, through its Place for Purpose job placement program, to fulfill the needs on the frontlines of the pandemic response. Baltimore Corps has an immediate need for Case Managers and Shelter Monitors reporting to the Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services. These individuals will serve and support our most vulnerable City residents. In the coming weeks, please monitor Baltimore Corps’ digital communications for additional roles and opportunities. The organization will fill critical roles across healthcare and City government. Baltimore Corps asks that you widely share these job postings with your network  if you’re not in a position to participate in these roles. Baltimore Corps will have successive notifications to share with the public and your continued and sustained engagement will help us to do our part to help the city.

Supporting Small Business and Social Entrepreneurs

Baltimore Corps has heard from many that this is an enormously challenging time for small business. The needs confronting the small business community are especially acute in communities of color. Therefore, in the coming weeks, Baltimore Corps will announce an intensive technical assistance program and a public education campaign to support small businesses and social entrepreneurs trying to navigate the crisis. While many resources are coming online because of federal and state action, capitalizing on those opportunities has already proven challenging for millions across the nation. Baltimore Corps is committed to aggregating and widely distributing relevant knowledge and expertise essential to the survival of our small business community in the weeks and months ahead. Baltimore Corps is working very hard to assemble helpful content and guidance for our community; stay tuned for more updates.

Baltimore Corps announced helpful changes to its Kiva-Baltimore platform and will share additional changes to both Kiva-Baltimore and Elevation Awards as they’re able to bring additional resources for our network online. On its website, you will also find a COVID-19 Resource Guide that compiles helpful information. The page will continue to be updated as the pandemic continues and other resources become available.

Baltimore Corps will continue to operate its core programs. Currently, Baltimore Corps is accepting applications for the Mayoral Fellowship as well as the Baltimore Corps Fellowship and appreciate your support in spreading the word. In the coming weeks, information will be shared about the updated timelines and parameters for each of our programmatic efforts. It is expected that all of Baltimore Corps programs will align with the pandemic response.

To view the full response, visit Baltimore Corps’ website.

Source: Baltimore Corps

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