BBJ: CyberPoint to join companies like Dell, Microsoft and Verizon in Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Security Alliance

Originally published in the Baltimore Business Journal by , Digital Producer, on April 4, 2014

A Baltimore cyber security startup is going to be rubbing elbows with some well known technology companies across the U.S.

CyberPoint International LLC is joiningLockheed Martin Corp.’s Cyber Security Alliance. Created with 18 technology firms in 2009, the alliance has grown to 23 firms.

Its newest addition, CyberPoint, is the youngest and only privately held company to join the alliance. The alliance was created to address constant cyber threats global governments and organizations face on a daily basis.

Some of the firms CyberPoint will join include Cisco, Dell, Intel, McAfee, Microsoftand Verizon. The alliance will help the five-year, 160-employee firm to brand itself on a national level, said Paul Kurtz, CyberPoint’s chief strategy officer.

“When you’re a smaller company, you don’t have as many resources for branding,” he said. “We think this will give us greater exposure outside of the Washington, D.C., area.”

CyberPoint discovers threats and vulnerabilities that expose data, systems and infrastructure to compromise and design defenses that provide critical protection. The firm’s main product, DarkPoint, takes harmful data and reviews it so it can be mediated quickly without doing damage.

The Inner Harbor based firm is developing a product called Security Starfish, Kurtz said. The program will allow people to share information anonymously and without attribution. Sometimes people don’t want to share information for fear of legal repercussions, he said.

And although CyberPoint has a significant presence in the Middle East, joining the alliance could help it grow to other international markets as well.

“Lockheed has testing integration centers in the U.K. and Australia and it allows us to rub shoulders and try to solve problems [in] different parts of the globe,” Kurtz said.

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