BCCC to host “Disney�s Approach to Business Excellence”

In our current economy, companies know it is anything but business as usual. And with an ever-increasing gap in income/sales verses expenses, professionals are forced to take stock in what they need to survive in the coming year. Successful businesses are creating pro-active plans to deal with the sluggish economy and safeguarding themselves from being merely reactive.

Does your business have a plan to deal proactively with the economy? Are you doing all you can to increase and retain customers? The world-renowned Disney Institute has the tools and techniques to help you pick up the pace and thrive in our current economic climate.

Disney’s “Chain of Excellence Plan” is helping professionals from all industries learn how leadership and staff excellence, combined with the right customer service approach translates directly into increased customer satisfaction and, more importantly, tangible financial results and repeat business.

This Chain of Excellence Plan is featured in their one-day training entitled “Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence Training” where participants are given a rare, behind the scenes look at the proven business strategies that have made Disney an industry leader across the globe.

Participants have the unique opportunity to adapt these best practices to fit their own unique situation. Businesses are learning to survive by: strengthening loyalty and retaining valuable customers; expanding brand and generating greater profits; building team involvement and ownership; creating a service culture and motivating employees; and maintaining a competitive edge in a sluggish economy

The Disney Institute has made it easier and more affordable than ever for Baltimore businesses to benefit from this training by bringing this one-day only event right here to the Baltimore City Community College Aug. 11. Training and registration information can be found by calling 877-544-2384.

GBC members receive $50 off — mention promo code CSKV.

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