Call for donations! American Red Cross low on some blood types


The American Red Cross Chesapeake Region has put out a call for help, a call for blood donations.

The chapter is seeking donations for all blood types, which are “below a level which is considered safe,” but those with B negative and positive are even more desperately encouraged to donate as their supply has reached an “emergency” level. O positive is at an “alert” level while O negative and A positive are “low.”

There is also an urgent need for platlet donations. A more involved type of donation, blood types A and AB are needed for this special procedure. Platelets are used to treat patients with cancer, clotting disorders as well as trauma victims and others. Please call 1-800-272-2123 to learn more about this special donation.

Low levels of supply make it even more critical that they collect enough blood locally to meet the needs of patients who depend on blood transfusions for survival. Call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit to schedule a donation today.

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