Call for nominations for the 9th annual Bridging the Gap Awards

Bridging the GapThe Greater Baltimore Committee is now seeking nominations for its 9th Annual Bridging the Gap Achievement Awards.

Self nominations are accepted. Outstanding businesses in the following categories will be recognized.

Minority- and Woman-Owned Business that demonstrates outstanding achievement.

Majority-Owned Business, corporations or individual executives that have shown leadership in the area of inclusive business practices.

Partnership or Strategic Alliance between a majority business and a minority- or woman-owned business that generates new opportunities or expands the credentials or capacity of minority- or woman-owned businesses.

President’s Award to an individual who has worked tirelessly to advocate for the advancement of minority- and woman-owned businesses in the Greater Baltimore region.

Making the case:
The nomination form asks you to make a case for why the business or CEO you are nominating deserves recognition. Please keep the following mind when answering this question:

  • If the business is a minority-owned business, provide examples or describe accomplishments compared with industry norms, leadership exhibited, obstacles overcome, unique business strategies employed, etc. that make the minority-owned business a success worthy of recognition.
  • If the business being nominated is a majority-owned company or CEO, provide examples or describe what this company or individual has done to help bridge the gap (e.g., reached out to and performed significant business with minority-owned businesses, began or strengthened existing supplier diversity programs, etc.) and the positive impact the majority company has had on the success or growth of minority business(es).
  • If the nominee is a partnership or strategic alliance, describe it, its objectives, and the benefits/accomplishments derived from participation of the majority- and minority-owned business partners.
  • If the nominee is for the President’s Award, describe the work the individual has done to advocate for the advancement of minority- and women-owned businesses in the Greater Baltimore region.

Nominate a deserving organization through our online form

Or print and fax (410-539-5705) or mail this nomination form along with supporting documentation to Jay Hutchins, Vice President of Policy Development and Government Relations. Supporting documentation must still be sent to Jay.

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