Call for nominations for GBC’s Bridging the Gap Achievement Awards

The Greater Baltimore Committee seeks nominations for the 13th Annual Bridging the Gap Achievement Awards on November 10, 2016.

For more than a decade, the GBC has been recognizing, through its Bridging the Gap Awards, exceptional minority- and women-owned businesses and majority businesses and executives who nurture the development of minority businesses in greater Baltimore and Maryland.

The GBC’s Bridging the Gap initiative works to advance greater Baltimore’s business culture by creating an atmosphere for majority and minority- and women-owned businesses to form mutually-beneficial partnerships. The Bridging the Gap initiative strives to equip businesses with the tools and support to develop such collaborations.

Bridging the Gap works to:

  • Nurture the creation of legacy wealth among minority- and women-owned businesses.
  • Communicate the business case for minority inclusion and development to the region’s larger business community.
  • Provide training opportunities and a match program that enhances capabilities within the minority- and women-owned business community to enable successful participation in partnership opportunities.

Nominate a deserving organization for a Bridging the Gap Achievement Award and print, fax (410-539-5705) or mail the form and supporting documentation to Lisa Byrd, Events and Business Development Manager. The deadline for nominations is September 30, 2016.

Supporting documentation must still be provided.

View the 2015 Bridging the Gap Achievement Awards publication.

Register to attend the GBC’s 2016 Bridging the Gap Achievement Awards on November 10, 2016.

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