Careers in criminal justice worth a look: top salaries range into the mid-$80s

Careers in criminal justice are an area of growing workforce demand. With an anticipated employment growth between 11 and 17 percent through 2016 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) coupled with increased concern for homeland security, criminal justice offers an ever-widening field of opportunities.

If you are considering a career in law enforcement, corrections, probations, or juvenile justice, take a look at a degree in criminal justice. Obtaining a degree in criminal justice can open up new possibilities for individuals seeking a new career path or for those looking to advance their careers within this job sector.

Criminal justice careers include FBI agents, criminal investigators, correctional officers, police officers, private detectives, border patrol agents, and bailiffs. Top salaries in the field can reach into the high-$80s for Federal government officers. Find out more about careers and top salaries in criminal justice online through Stevenson University’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies. Visit Top Salaries in Criminal Justice to learn more.

Stevenson University offers an accelerated undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree program in Criminal Justice designed for working adults. The program is offered online and runs in 8-week sessions. One of two tracks can be chosen for the degree: law enforcement or social service.

The law enforcement track provides students with the skills to enter in careers such as police and investigative work at the local, state, and federal levels. The social service track is designed for students who are pursuing careers in child protective and family preservation services, juvenile justice, substance abuse, and behavioral disorders.

Stevenson University also offers a B.S. to M.S. option for students who wish to further their education beyond their bachelor degree with a Master of Science degree in Forensic Science or Forensic Studies.

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