Daily Record, GBC publish special section on Baltimore’s port

  The Daily Record and the Greater Baltimore Committee have published a special report on the Port of Baltimore detailing its current business surge that positions it as a major economic engine and job generator for decades to come. The publication, which was inserted into the March 22 edition of the Daily Record, features reports on key factors that have driven the port’s surge and offers readers a look at … Continue reading

A significant step forward looms for Red Line

  By Donald C. Fry Later this month, Maryland transportation officials and advocates are in a position to take a significant step in the development of the Baltimore region’s top-priority transit project – the Red Line. On November 27, the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BTRB) will vote on the Maryland Transit Administration’s request to formally make the proposed 14-mile east-west light rail Red Line from Woodlawn to Bayview eligible for … Continue reading

Donald Fry: CSX intermodal facility: Mayor, Governor to the rescue

  By Donald C. Fry Just when it was beginning to look like CSX’s efforts to locate a critically-needed intermodal rail freight facility in Maryland would be interminably delayed, if not blocked altogether, by citizen and elected official opposition in Howard County, Governor Martin O’Malley and Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake came to the rescue. At a time when it’s in vogue to characterize government as an inhibitor of private-sector … Continue reading

Donald Fry: It’s time to seriously consider maglev in NE rail planning

  By Donald C. Fry Two current developments at the Federal Railroad Administration and at Amtrak could have profound long-term impacts on the future of high-speed passenger transportation in our nation’s congested Northeast Corridor. In February, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) launched a comprehensive planning effort to define, evaluate and prioritize future investments in the Northeast Corridor. Its purpose is to develop a framework for rail passenger capacity and service … Continue reading

Donald Fry: Protecting transportation fund: not a magic bullet, but still needed

By Donald C. Fry Gas tax opponents are increasingly hanging their hats on the issue of “raiding,” contending that state lawmakers shouldn’t increase revenue to Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund because they frequently raid it for non-transportation purposes. It’s an effective contention that gets significant media play as radio and television commentators and talk show hosts immediately bring up the raiding issue when the topic of raising the gas tax comes … Continue reading

Donald Fry: Better rail connectivity could drive residential rebound in Baltimore City

By Donald C. Fry Baltimore City’s precipitous-but-slowing population decline over the past 50 years is not a new problem. But Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, in her December 6 inauguration speech, made it a keynote challenge by setting a goal of attracting 10,000 families into the city during the next 10 years. Though there are not yet any official plans for how to lure new residents to Baltimore City, one core strategy … Continue reading

Donald Fry: Myths, reality and transportation revenue

By Donald Fry As lawmakers in Annapolis debate a proposed gas tax increase and other measures to boost long-stagnant revenue to pay for Maryland’s transportation infrastructure, they will be buffeted with information about transportation funding, some of it lacking in detail or credibility. Critics of proposals to increase Maryland’s gas tax — our state’s primary source of transportation revenue — find themselves voicing popular “facts” that get repeated often these … Continue reading

Advocates show spirited support in Annapolis for more transportation funding

Go to our YouTube channel to view part 2. Members of a statewide coalition of business organizations, businesses and transportation advocates filled Lawyers Mall in Annapolis January 19 to rally and urge lawmakers to address the state’s transportation funding crisis by increasing revenue to Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund and enacting protections to ensure the fund is used for transportation purposes. “For two straight years, there have been no new projects … Continue reading

GBC economic conference yields some hope, much caution and call to cyber action

Economists who spoke to the 300 executives who attended at the Greater Baltimore Committee’s annual Economic Outlook Conference on October 20 offered some doses of hopefulness for the recovery, but diluted it with a number of serious cautionary caveats. A stock market index that is inching upward and a recent increase in consumer confidence are sources of hopefulness. But cautionary economic issues include high unemployment levels that are expected to … Continue reading