Md. forecast for 2012: ‘sluggish’ growth, but not a recession

Wilmington Trust’s top investment management executive looked out from the Hyatt Regency podium at more than 400 executives who attended the Greater Baltimore Committee’s Oct. 10 sold-out Economic Outlook Conference and summed up his 2012 forecast in five words: “It’s going to be OK.” Maryland and the nation will not...

Rethinking Pre-K: Five ways to fix preschool

By Kayla Webley Take two kids, one from a low-income family, the other middle class. Let them run around and do little-kid things in their respective homes and then, at age 5, enroll them in kindergarten. Research shows that when the first day of school rolls around, the child from the low-income household will be as many as 1.5 years behind grade level in terms of language and prereading and … Continue reading

Donald Fry: Tech jobs are here, more are coming, but can we fill them?

By Donald C. Fry As hard as jobs are to find in the middle of the recession that is gripping our state, there is at least one industry segment in Maryland where jobs are readily available to qualified applicants – information technology. “There is negative unemployment in the cyber security industry,” says Bill Varner, president of ManTech Mission and Technology Solutions, who adds that his company is continually challenged to … Continue reading

Md. revenue board forecasts flat job growth, slowing income growth

The Maryland Board of Revenue Estimates is forecasting “much slower growth” for Maryland’s economy in the current fiscal year and beyond. The board projects growth of revenue to the state’s general fund to slow from 4 percent in FY 2012 to 2.8 percent in FY 2013. The revised revenue estimates, included in a September 21 report to Governor Martin O’Malley, project annual employment growth in the state to “hover” around … Continue reading

The youth unemployment bomb

By Peter Coy In Tunisia, the young people who helped bring down a dictator are called hittistes-French-Arabic slang for those who lean against the wall. Their counterparts in Egypt, who on Feb. 1 forced President Hosni Mubarak to say he won’t seek reelection, are the shabab atileen, unemployed youths. The hittistes and shabab have brothers and sisters across the globe. In Britain, they are NEETs-“not in education, employment, or training.” … Continue reading

GBC’s Fry: Finding common ground in evaluating educators

Don Fry Commentary on WYPR Maryland has begun a two-year process to develop a system where at least 50 percent of public school teachers’ and principals’ job evaluations will be based on student performance. In June, a state Council for Education Effectiveness, appointed by Governor O’Malley, issued recommendations for implementing new education performance standards – something the state agreed to do in order to gain federal Race to the Top … Continue reading

AACC professor selected for national commission seat

The American Association of Community Colleges has selected Jennifer G. Lara of Laurel, professor of education in the Teacher Education and Child Care Institute at Anne Arundel Community College, to serve on the association’s 21st Century Commission on the Future of Community Colleges. Lara is one of 36 representatives nationwide chosen as a commissioner and in 2010 was selected for the inaugural White House Summit on Community Colleges. She is … Continue reading

Donald Fry: Despite education acclaim, Maryland faces workforce development challenges

By Donald C. Fry Virtually anyone who reads a newspaper or watches television news in our state knows that Maryland’s public schools are ranked first in the nation and have received that ranking from Education Week magazine for three years in a row. However, despite high rankings for public schools and its renowned public and private higher education resources, our state faces compelling workforce development challenges. Maryland currently has a … Continue reading

Donald Fry: Finding common ground in teacher evaluation

By Donald C. Fry New recommendations from a state panel appointed by Gov. Martin O’Malley signal the beginning of what some say will be a “sea change” in how Maryland public school teachers and principals are evaluated. A set of recommendations issued June 20 by the Maryland Council for Educator Effectiveness would put into motion a two-year process of implementing an evaluating system where 50 percent of an educator’s job … Continue reading

Donald Fry: Core pillars for growth and job creation focus on nurturing opportunity

By Donald C. Fry Maryland’s government leaders usually bristle at the suggestion that our state’s tax policy, regulatory environment, or other policy issues detract from its strengths as a location of choice for expanding existing business facilities or for moving a business to Maryland from elsewhere. But, to virtually everyone on the ground in the world of business and economic development, the notion that Maryland’s strengths in technology, education, workforce, … Continue reading