Rethinking Pre-K: Five ways to fix preschool

By Kayla Webley Take two kids, one from a low-income family, the other middle class. Let them run around and do little-kid things in their respective homes and then, at age 5, enroll them in kindergarten. Research shows that when the first day of school rolls around, the child from the low-income household will be as many as 1.5 years behind grade level in terms of language and prereading and … Continue reading

Job No. 1: Keeping Alonso

James Campbell, a former member of the Baltimore school board and senior communications manager for the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, wrote this commentary, which appeared in the November 23 issue of the Baltimore Sun. “When the Baltimore school system announced the appointment of Andrés Alonso as its new chief executive officer in 2007, Brian Morris, the board chairman, said, “We went after the best and we got him.” … Continue reading