Baltimore Sun: Maryland transportation planning needs to include Baltimore

Editor’s note: The following op-ed appeared on on Jan. 6. By Donald C. Fry When state lawmakers convene in Annapolis this week for this year’s General Assembly session, transportation needs will be among many of the major topics up for debate. What happens could affect Marylanders — and more...

Don Fry Commentary: Thanks to these generous businesses

In less than a week, millions will travel near and far to celebrate one of the truly great American traditions, Thanksgiving. But there are many who do not have the financial or social resources to celebrate the holiday with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. In fact, experts tells us that one in nine Marylanders is “food insecure,” meaning they are unsure where their next meals will come from exactly. However, Centerplate, … Continue reading

Innovative Approaches Needed to Break Cycle of Violent Crime

This commentary was published in the October 18, 2019, edition of The Daily Record By Donald C. Fry The headline of a recent editorial reads “Aerial surveillance is not the answer to Baltimore’s crime problem.” The headline gets it right, but the harsh wording of the editorial completely misses the point of the technology. It certainly will not be “the answer” to Baltimore’s violent crime epidemic, but rather provide law … Continue reading

Don Fry Commentary on WBAL NewsRadio: What Kind of Mayor Does Baltimore Need?

Fall is barely upon us, but already the race for Mayor of the City of Baltimore is beginning to take shape and voters need to pay attention. As the city readies for the April 28 primary, the compelling question for voters to consider is: What kind of mayor does Baltimore need? I suggest to you that Baltimore needs a strong and transformational leader as its Mayor. What are some of … Continue reading

Don Fry Commentary: Expansion of Convention Center — An Opportunity That Can’t Be Missed

The hospitality and tourism industry has been a primary economic driver of the Baltimore region for the past 40 years, fueled in part by the tens of thousands of visitors that meet at the Baltimore Convention Center each year. But the aging venue is at a crossroads due to the changing competitive landscape in the convention and tourism industry. Built in 1979, the facility was last expanded in 1997. Since … Continue reading

Don Fry Commentary: The business case for diversity, equity and inclusion

The 2018 State of the Region Report released by the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council highlighted the rapid pace at which the Baltimore region is increasing in racial diversity. Since 1998, the white population in the region has decreased from 82% to 61%, while the percentages of African-American and Hispanic populations have more than doubled — from 14 to 29% and 3 to 6%, respectively. Women … Continue reading

Don Fry Commentary: Must Haves for Baltimore Region in the Next Regional Transit Plan

It’s been nearly three years since I co-published a commentary that noted that the Baltimore region’s transportation system was failing to meet our economic needs. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been significant improvement since then. The cancellation of the Red Line in 2015 killed a project that promised to connect residents in distressed Baltimore-area neighborhoods to workforce centers and other essential destinations. To date, the Maryland Transit Administration’s (MTA) $135 million BaltimoreLink … Continue reading

Don Fry Commentary: Baltimore’s Crime Strategy on WBAL NewsRadio

Baltimore continues to see high rates of violent crime, especially shootings and homicides. But a crime reduction strategy issued by the city’s new Police Commissioner provides a road map to bring about change. There’s a lot to like in Police Commissioner Michael Harrison’s strategy. The strategy aims to address crime with a two-pronged approach focusing on short-term and long-term issues. Short-term tactics on crime control include: Leveraging crime data to … Continue reading

Don Fry Commentary: ‘Your real friends rally to your side and defend your good name’

It is often said that you find out who your real friends are when hard times hit or others try to put you down. Your real friends rally to your side and defend your good name. Recently the City of Baltimore has found that it has just these kind of friends far and wide. They have been coming to the city’s defense after it was falsely depicted and attacked recently … Continue reading

GBC’s Don Fry discusses Trump’s tweets, Baltimore’s assets on WBAL NewsRadio

Donald C. Fry, President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee, went on air on WBAL NewsRadio on July 30 to discuss President Trump’s recent anti-Baltimore tweets. He also talked about Baltimore’s tourism industry, Police Commissioner Michael Harrison and his crime reduction strategy, as well as thoughts on what the city needs right now. “If the President had to spend a day here … he would have a better understanding … Continue reading