State House Update: GBC’s 2014 Sine Die Report

In the years following the recession, Maryland has fared better than many states. Today, the state’s median household income remains the highest in the country; the unemployment rate is lower than two-thirds of the nation, and nearly 135,000 jobs have been recovered since the Mid-Atlantic region hit rock bottom in February 2010. However, as outlined in the Greater Baltimore Committee’s 2013 report, “A Compact for Competitiveness,” in order for Maryland … Continue reading

Center Maryland: Maryland’s job-growth competition intensifies

Guess what northeast state just eliminated its corporate income tax for manufacturers. Would you believe New York? The Empire State’s legislature eliminated its 5.9 percent corporate income tax on manufacturers late Tuesday night. Why did New York do this?  To better compete as a location for manufacturers and to help stem the erosion of manufacturing jobs in the state, according to published reports. Other corporations in New York will continue … Continue reading

State House Update: As Sine Die nears, major issues still on the table

STATE HOUSE UPDATE As the General Assembly moves closer to the final day of the 2014 Legislative Session a few key issues remain unresolved, chief among them the state’s Operating Budget. While both the House and the Senate have passed the state’s $39 billion budget plan, neither has yet passed the other chambers’ version – a mandatory step before the legislation becomes law. A conference committee has been established to … Continue reading

Center Maryland: Grasping job-growth reality in Annapolis

Maryland had a disappointing year for job growth in 2013, when employment in our state grew at a rate of less than 1 percent. A recent interactive map of job growth projections published by Pew Charitable Trusts, using data from Moody’s Analytics, projects a better year for Maryland in 2014, forecasting a 1.55 percent job-growth rate in our state this year. This would rank Maryland’s employment growth 29th in the … Continue reading

State House Update: Economic development initiatives could be important tools for job growth

Earlier this year, the Pew Charitable Trustspublished a report predicting job creation trends for 2014. Using data from Moody’s Analytics, Pew created an interactive map showing both the anticipated number of jobs that will be created in each state and the percentage of job growth. Of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., Maryland ranked 29th highest with a projected increase of more than 40,000 jobs this year and a job growth … Continue reading

Center Maryland: Addressing Baltimore City’s high property tax rate

Baltimore City Delegate Maggie McIntosh has submitted a number of bills aimed at highlighting and addressing one of Baltimore City’s consistent challenges – a high and uncompetitive property tax rate. Two of the bills would require the Department of Legislative Services (DLS) to study different aspects of Baltimore City’s property tax structure and make recommendations on how to achieve a fairer system. Under House Bill 943, DLS would specifically analyze … Continue reading