Chart 2

Analysis of Recommendation to Privatize HCD Day Care: Chart II
II. Average per child cost of private day care in Maryland: $3,912
(Information received from Maryland Committee for Children, Inc., May 2000. Sample operations budget — figures reflect mid-range of expenses incurred by a variety of programs in Maryland over the last few years.)

Item Total
(97 children total)
(15.5 FTE staff)
I. Salaries
Total $242,459
Per Child $2,500
II. Benefits
Total $45,373
Per Child $468
Per FTE (average) $2,927
III. Rent (often subsidized by non-profit sponsor, such as a church)
IV. Utilities
Total $6,720
Per Child $69
V. Communications
Total $3,360
Per Child $35
VI. Materials and Supplies
Total $37,682
Per Child $388
VII. Contractual Services
Total $25,090
Per Child $259
VIII. Insurance $3,783
IX. Administration
Total $15,065
Per Child $155
Total Budget
Total $379,532
Per Child $3,913