Chesapeake Employers Insurance releases new, bilingual safety video for employers

Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company, Maryland’s largest writer of workers’ compensation insurance, released a new, bilingual safety video for Maryland employers.

The video is titled, “Be a Better Business” and is part of the company’s latest workplace safety initiative for business owners. The video features several expert business leaders including Veronica Cool, CEO of Cool & Associates, LLC and former Chairperson of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Scott Bramble, president of FAM&M Insurance.

Chesapeake Employers recognizes that small business owners in Maryland, especially in the Hispanic business community, face many challenges to comply with regulations, manage daily operations and make their companies profitable and successful. Workplace safety is not only legally mandated, but is essential to being a better business and opening doors to opportunity.

The video can be accessed from Chesapeake Employers’ YouTube channel and website.

Watch the English version here and watch the Spanish version here.

Chesapeake Employers is Maryland’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance. It is a nonprofit, non-stock, private corporation. The company employs 400 insurance professionals, works with more than 1,400 independent insurance agents, and has been assigned a financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co. Chesapeake Employers has served as a continuous source for fairly priced workers’ compensation insurance since 1914.

Source: Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company

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