Problem Identification:
The City has not instituted formal departmental reporting requirements to monitor on-going progress towards meeting financial and management goals.

Recommended Action:
Issue an easy to understand Quarterly Performance Review Report that summarizes the City’s progress in implementing its financial and management goals.

Organizational, Service Improvement

Functional/Operational Area:

Estimated Annual Impact:
Cannot be Estimated

Estimated Implementation Costs:
Can be accomplished with existing resources.

Barriers to Implementation:

Projected Implementation:
60 – 90 days

Next Steps:
Identify the information that departments should be required to publicly report on at least a quarterly basis. Establish reporting protocols and formats and publish a schedule for the regular submission of departmental information.

While the City’s annual budget process and its Program Performance Measurement Project yield annual reports on the municipal government’s progress towards meeting its financial and management goals, interim progress reporting is produced only on a limited basis to central administration offices such as the Department of Finance.

Increasing departmental reporting requirements coupled with more frequent reviews of departments’ financial and management performance could enable the City more opportunities to affect mid-year adjustments to policies and practices. Such an approach could ultimately realize cost savings, revenue enhancements, and services improvements earlier in the fiscal year rather than waiting until the next fiscal year to implement a new initiative or adjust departmental resource levels.

Possible summary information to be incorporated in a Quarterly Performance Review Report includes target levels, year-to-date, and projected year-end financial and management reports on the following:

1. City’s Fund Balance
2. Tax and Non-Tax Revenues
3. General Fund Obligations
4. Full-Time Staffing Levels
5. Temporary, Part-Time, and Contract Employee Staffing Levels
6. Position Classification/Personnel Turnover Rates
7. Leave Usage Analysis
8. Departmental Service Levels
9. Enterprise Fund Reports
10. Cash Flow Analysis
11. Implementation Tracking of Management Initiatives