Problem Identification:
The City regularly uses a tremendous amount of paper in the operation of the municipal government.

Recommended Action:
Reduce the City government’s use of paper and specially printed letterheads and pre-printed forms.

Cost Savings

Functional/Operational Area:

Estimated Annual Impact:

Estimated Implementation Costs:
Can be accomplished with existing resources.

Barriers to Implementation:

Projected Implementation:
90 days

Next Steps:
Establish new policies regarding the use and development of pre-printed forms and letterheads. Make available to all City departments computer-scanned or generated templates for existing forms and letterheads.

The Finance Department’s Bureau of Purchases manages the City’s printing and graphics activities. These activities include offering City departments access to professional quality service for full color printing, composition and design, state-of-the-art desktop publishing, rapid quick copy service, and several binding operations.

Given the continual escalation of paper costs and the City’s general reliance on many manual, paper-based processes, consideration should be given to instituting paper conservation efforts and setting measurable goals to reduce the City’s total use of paper. Over the past two fiscal years, the City has spent approximately $835,000 annually on paper. A modest 15 percent reduction in paper utilization, would result in savings in excess of $125,000. Aside from the tangible cost savings that would result from modest reductions in the City’s total usage of paper, implementation of this recommendation would yield positive environmental benefits.

Specific initiatives to consider in conjunction with the implementation of this recommendation might include having departments create electronic letterheads for paper correspondence rather than relying on pre-printed letterheads that can become obsolete with changes in bureau or departmental leadership, increased use of electronic mail capabilities, and electronic document sharing.