Clear Channel Outdoor Ray Lewis billboard recognized as Best Sports Billboard Ever


Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. announced May 22 that called Clear Channel Outdoor’s “Ray Lewis Retirement Party” billboard the Best Sports Billboard Ever.

“We are honored credits us with creating the ‘Best Sports Billboard Ever,'” Steve Ginsburg, president of Clear Channel Outdoor D.C./Baltimore, said. “We love Baltimore and the Ravens and were happy to donate our creative energy and billboard space to our hometown. This is what billboards do – they communicate timely messages to the public while creating excitement. We are proud to create excitement for Baltimore and the Ravens.”

Clear Channel Outdoor D.C./Baltimore joined all of Baltimore by celebrating the career of Ray Lewis and the spirit of Raven’s playoff season while enjoying some good natured competition. When Clear Channel Outdoor’s Boston office posted a countdown to Ray Lewis’ Retirement party on their digital billboards, Clear Channel Outdoor’s D.C./Baltimore office waited for the last laugh.

When the Raven’s defeated the New England Patriots, Clear Channel Outdoor D.C./Baltimore immediately retorted by announcing the postponement of Ray Lewis’ Retirement Party until the Super Bowl – with the caveat that New England wasn’t invited. Clear Channel Outdoor D.C./Baltimore posted the message on all of its 19 digital billboards in Baltimore City.

“When the Ravens took down the New England Patriots in Foxboro to earn a berth in the Super Bowl, Baltimore rewarded its heroes with this well-deserved billboard,” wrote. 

About Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
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Source: Clear Channel Outdoor D.C./Baltimore

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