Regional Business Advisory Councils

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Regions, not individual jurisdictions, are the primary economic competitors in the global economy. In Greater Baltimore, strengthening regional ties and collaboration benefits the entire region. With that in mind, the GBC developed three regional business advisory councils in Baltimore, Harford and Howard Counties.

The councils meet quarterly to discuss specific issues that may be hindering their business growth and quality of life. Each council monitors changes in legislation that effect their business or region and develops policy statements for the GBC to use to advocate on behalf of the business community to local and state legislators. In addition, the councils serve as a source of emerging ideas or projects for the GBC.

Some of the past or current issues the councils are focusing on include: working with defense contractors, APG and other Harford County associations on promoting the need for better public transportation, completion of a hospitality and tourism related study titled the Harford County Destination Market Study, workforce development, taxation and regulation, public safety, etc.

Through the councils, each of the specified counties is well represented and is able to keep the business community aware of issues in their jurisdiction. The councils also provide tremendous value in regards to gaining access to key decision makers and another providing an additional opportunity to meet other businesses in the counties.

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