COVID-19 Resources: Baltimore Region’s School Opening Plans


The status of school openings, both K-12 and higher education, has tremendous influence on the economy in the region, impacting student learning and training opportunities and affecting employee availability. The GBC has compiled information from the region’s public school systems, community colleges, and public and private higher education institutions regarding their pandemic re-opening plans.

This guide will be updated frequently, so check back for the latest information.

Greater Baltimore Public Schools: K-12

According to state guidelines, each school system has until August 14 to post its plans.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

  • The first semester of the upcoming school year for Anne Arundel County public schools will be online, officials announced July 20.
  • Additional details will be available after the July 22 School Board meeting.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Baltimore City Public Schools

  • The system will begin the school year virtually, and delay the start of in-person teaching until later in the fall. The district will provide an update on the plans for school no later than October 16.
  • District staff is asking the school board to push back the first day of school to the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend to allow more time for training.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Baltimore County Public Schools

  • Baltimore County Public Schools announced on July 21 that students will begin school remotely on Tuesday, September 8, continuing through the end of the first semester on January 29.
  • There will be no high school sports during virtual learning, or until the school system determines it’s safe for organized sports teams to gather, per Baltimore County Public Schools’ draft reopening plan.

Carroll County Public Schools

  • The county’s Board of Education has yet to vote on a final reopening plan for the new school year.
  • Carroll County Public Schools presented the board updated draft plans that call for a mix of virtual learning and in-person classes when the 2020-2021 year begins.
  • The school board is scheduled to meet again at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 29.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Howard County Public Schools

  • School will start two weeks later, on September 8, instead of August 25.
  • All public school students will take all of their classes online through at least through the end of January.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Harford County Public Schools

  • Harford County Public Schools’ students will be taught virtually for the first two quarters of the 2020-2021 school year.
  • The school system will also offer “Learning Support Centers” at schools where a limited number of students will have internet access and supervision by an HCPS employee.
  • Bus transportation and meals will be available through the learning centers, where students will be taught by an instructor who is working remotely.
  • The school system will provide Chromebook computers to kindergartners through eighth graders and Windows laptops to ninth through 12th graders who are learning from home.
  • Windows laptops also will be provided to teachers.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Other Maryland County Schools: K-12 

Montgomery County Public Schools

  • Montgomery County Public Schools has updated its plan and now intends to remain in a virtual-only instructional model through the first semester — January 29, 2021; or until state and local health officials determine conditions in the county allow for students to return safely after the first semester. This decision includes the cancellation of all fall and winter sports.
  • On August 6, 2020, the Board of Education will receive an update to the previously submitted plan.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Lecture hall

Higher Education

Community Colleges

Anne Arundel Community College

  • Remote for 1st semester
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Baltimore City Community College 

  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Community College of Baltimore County

  • Beginning August 1 – Face-to-face classes will be offered, but with the appropriate social distancing restrictions. Most on-campus services will be available.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Carroll Community College

  • Hybrid model for fall, with in-person classes for courses such as Allied Health and Technology
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Harford Community College

  • Remote for 1st semester, with the exception of some courses with a clinical, lab or hands-on learning component
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans  here.

Howard Community College

A blended learning model will include:

  • Hybrid (learn both in person and online)
  • Scheduled remote (meet at designated times in an online classroom)
  • Flexible online (study on your own time)
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Higher Education: Public 4-Year Colleges and Universities

University of Baltimore

  • UB will run predominantly online for the fall semester, with some classes conducted in a hybrid fashion in order to ensure a quality experience for our students.
  • Issues relating to compliance with ABA standards in the School of Law and their impact on the UB plan remain under discussion.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

University of Maryland Baltimore

  • Planning to deliver lectures across all schools and programs virtually for the fall semester.
  • Interactive learning may be via remote instruction or, in some cases, where there has been prior approval and review of COVID-19 safety protocols, in-person.
  • The types of in-person interactive classes vary by school but may include non-lecture classes associated with experiential learning, simulations, practice classes, seminars or discussion sections with sensitive topics that may be difficult to hold online, Socratic classes in the law school, and select others.
  • See the up-to-date plans  here.


  • Most courses will continue to meet fully online during the fall semester.
  • Following the Thanksgiving break, all classes will continue online only and residence halls will be closed.
  • Approximately 10 percent of courses will meet either in person on campus or in a hybrid format consisting of a combination of some in-person meetings and online delivery.
  • Reduced residential capacity
  • See the up-to-date plans  here.

Coppin State University

  • Most courses offered through virtual modality — online synchronous and asynchronous (this means many courses will be available on line and in-person at the same time).
  • Most laboratory courses and demonstration courses offered through face-to-face modality on campus.
  • To support incoming students and to position them for success, select general education courses through face-to-face modality on campus will also be offered.
  • Reduce by 50% the number of students accommodated in the residence halls
  • See the up-to-date plans  here.

Morgan State University

  • Hybrid of in-person and online courses
  • Reduced number of residential students may return to campus.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Towson University

  • Hybrid model of in-person and online courses
  • All classes will begin one week earlier, on Monday, August 24, and will shift to fully remote learning after Thanksgiving break, on Monday, November 30.
  • All students will vacate the residence halls over Thanksgiving break. Housing & Residence Life will work with students requiring an exception due to hardship.
  • All fall 2020 classes and all finals will be completed remotely after Thanksgiving break.
  • Reduced density in residential halls
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Higher Education: Private 4-Year Colleges and Universities

Goucher College

  • Compressed fall schedule – semester ends by Thanksgiving
  • This fall, the faculty will teach courses in one of four different ways: In-person (IP), Hybrid Flexible or HyFlex (HF), Asynchronous Online (AO), or Synchronous Online (SO).
  • Single occupancy dorm assignments
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Johns Hopkins University

  • Students will not be required to be on campus to continue their academic progress. JHU will be flexible and supportive to ensure that every student has the opportunity to pursue their educational goals through a hybrid approach, including in-person and online/remote instruction.
  • Reduced number of residential students
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Loyola University Maryland

  • Blended model of in-person and online classes
  • Reduced capacity for residential dorm assignments
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.


  • Reduced density in educational activities, with a mixture of in-person, online/remote and hybrid instruction
  • Reduced density in residential halls
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

McDaniel College

  • Graduate instruction will be online only.
  • Undergraduate – compressed schedule – fall semester will end by Thanksgiving
  • Blended model – in-person, hybrid and fully online courses
  • Reduced capacity in dorms, no triples or quads
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Notre Dame Maryland University

  • In-person classes will begin August 24, 2020, and continue until November 24, 2020. After Thanksgiving, classes will be completed remotely and will end December 3, 2020. Exams are scheduled for December 4-10.
  • Courses will be hybrid which allows for flexibility in course design. Faculty will be able to combine in-classroom lectures with online instruction.
  • Reduced density in residential halls
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

St. John’s College

  • Students will be able to elect to return to campus or to take classes fully online
  • Distancing measures implemented
  • Reduced capacity in dorms, no triples
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Stevenson University

  • Blended model of in-person and online courses
  • Social distancing measures put in place on campus
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

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