COVID-19 Resources: Baltimore Region’s School Opening Plans


The status of school openings, both K-12 and higher education, has tremendous influence on the economy in the region, impacting student learning and training opportunities and affecting employee availability. The GBC has compiled information from the region’s public school systems, community colleges, and public and private higher education institutions regarding their pandemic re-opening plans.

This guide will be updated frequently, so check back for the latest information.

Updated: April 27, 2021

Greater Baltimore Public Schools: K-12

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

  • A hybrid schedule for elementary students and students who receive special services such as special education, English language learners and CTE students, began in February.
  • All students returned to optional hybrid in-person learning as of March 22.
  • 2021 graduation ceremonies will all take place at the new Crofton High School Stadium.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Baltimore City Public Schools

  • On November 16, City Schools welcomed 1,200 students to 27 schools, including two schools for those with special needs. The schools are opening for students who are most in need during the pandemic including those without internet access, special needs students and recent immigrants.
  • Hybrid learning options have been phased in for all student groups as of April 12.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Baltimore County Public Schools

  • Instruction for all students is currently occurring online.
  • Hybrid learning options have been phased in for all student groups as of April 6.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Carroll County Public Schools

  • Carroll County Public Schools is currently operating in a hybrid model.
  • Current plans call for schools to open four or five days a week beginning March 22.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Harford County Public Schools

  • Harford Elementary students return for two days a week hybrid on March 1. Hybrid one or two day a week learning began in March. In April, students were given the option to return up to four days a week for hybrid learning.
  • Students in specialized programs will have additional in-school days.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Howard County Public Schools

  • Students and staff are returning to schools for a hybrid model in staggered phases.
  • All students who selected a hybrid option returned to the classroom as of April 12.
  • All 2021 graduations will be held at Merriweather Post Pavilion.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Other Maryland County Schools: K-12 

Montgomery County Public Schools

  • All student groups returned to optional hybrid in-person learning as of April 19.
  • Summer programs will be offered for all students with registration opening May 3.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Prince George’s County Public Schools

  • Optional two-day hybrid learning began for all students as of April 15.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Lecture hall

Higher Education: Community Colleges

Anne Arundel Community College

  • Most courses continue to be online for spring 2021.
  • Certain program courses are offered as in-person or hybrid.
  • To return to campus, all students must complete an attestation form, wear a mask and social distance.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Baltimore City Community College 

  • All classes and student support services will be held remotely through end of the spring semester.
  • Access to all campus buildings is restricted.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Community College of Baltimore County

  • Campuses remain open with COVID-19 screening measures upon entry, universal face covering requirements and social distancing measures.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Carroll Community College

  • Classes are offered on campus on a limited basis. Most courses are remote or hybrid.
  • Social distancing and face coverings are required on campus.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Harford Community College

  • Most classes are being offered remotely with the exception of some courses with a clinical, lab or hands-on learning component.
  • Limited on-campus services are available.
  • Face masks, social distancing and screening are required for any in-person visit by students or personnel.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans  here.

Howard Community College

A blended learning model will include:

  • Hybrid (learn both in person and online)
  • Scheduled remote (meet at designated times in an online classroom)
  • Flexible online (study on your own time)
  • Campus buildings will reopen for limited services and activities on May 17. Campus will reopen at 50% capacity on June 2. Campus will operate at 80% capacity on Aug. 28 with a full operation return by the end of the fall semester.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Higher Education: Public 4-Year Colleges and Universities

All University System of Maryland schools will require vaccination for the fall semester.

Coppin State University

  • Most courses offered through virtual modality — online synchronous and asynchronous (this means many courses will be available online and in person at the same time).
  • Most laboratory courses and demonstration courses offered through face-to-face modality on campus.
  • To support incoming students and to position them for success, select general education courses through face-to-face modality on campus will also be offered.
  • Reduce by 50% the number of students accommodated in the residence halls
  • Hope to return to campus by fall 2021.
  • See the up-to-date plans  here.

Morgan State University

  • Spring semester instruction remains primarily remote, with hybrid courses offered based on course needs.
  • The campus remains open with limited operations, and campus housing will be made available at a reduced level single occupancy only.
  • The university has begun the planning process to hold an in-person commencement in spring 2021.
  • Planning a full reopening of campus summer 2021.
  • All students, faculty and staff are required to be fully vaccinated by Aug. 1 for the fall semester.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Towson University

  • Spring semester will begin online with remote instruction for two weeks. After that, face-to-face and hybrid options will be available. Approximately 85% of classes will be offered remotely.
  • Residence hall housing will be made available at a reduced level with single occupancy.
  • TU is planning a full offering of in-person learning, residential housing and campus life in fall 2021 and will require all students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

University of Baltimore

  • UB will run predominantly online for the spring semester, with some classes conducted in a hybrid fashion in order to ensure a quality experience for our students.
  • Campus-based instruction and learning will be expanded in fall 2021. The School of Law will return to in-person classes and other academic units will determine priority for in-person, hybrid or online instruction.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

University of Maryland Baltimore

  • Planning to deliver lectures across all schools and programs virtually for the spring semester.
  • Interactive learning may be via remote instruction or, in some cases, where there has been prior approval and review of COVID-19 safety protocols, in person.
  • The types of in-person interactive classes vary by school but may include non-lecture classes associated with experiential learning, simulations, practice classes, seminars or discussion sections with sensitive topics that may be difficult to hold online, Socratic classes in the law school, and select others.
  • All students, faculty and staff must be vaccinated by the fall 2021 semester.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.


  • Most courses will continue to meet fully online during the spring semester.
  • A small number of courses will meet either in-person on campus or in a hybrid format consisting of a combination of some in-person meetings and online delivery.
  • Reduced residential capacity
  • Plan to maximize in-person learning for fall 2021 as conditions permit.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

University of Maryland, College Park

  • Learning and instruction will be done in a hybrid environment, with up to 25% of classes in person.
  • All eligible students, faculty and staff must be vaccinated to be allowed on campus for fall 2021.
  • See the up-to-date plans here.

Higher Education: Private 4-Year Colleges and Universities

Goucher College

  • Goucher remains online for all undergraduate and graduate classes for spring 2021.
  • Some students have been allowed to return to on-campus residences.
  • A full return to campus is planned for the fall with continued social distancing.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Johns Hopkins University

  • Spring semester is predominately online, with up to 20% of courses offered in person.
  • Housing is available for approximately 25% of undergraduate students.
  • Majority of faculty and staff will return by mid-August. All students will be required to be vaccinated in the fall while faculty and staff are strongly urged to be vaccinated.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Loyola University Maryland

  • Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to attend classes in multiple modalities allowing for in-person and hybrid classes to the greatest extent possible. Students will have the option to study remotely from home.
  • Graduate students will take courses online, in-person or in a hybrid model.
  • For fall 2021, the university is planning for a fully in-person experience with a full range of classes, athletics and other in-person events.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students must provide proof of having received their final dose of the vaccine by Aug. 1 for the 2021-22 school year.
  • Students attending in-person summer classes must be vaccinated by July 1.
  • Some degree of testing will continue and isolation space will be available for students who are not fully vaccinated and test positive.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.


  • Spring 2021 continues in an online remote form while allowing in-person field-based activities.
  • A limited number of residence hall spaces are available.
  • The school is looking toward spring 2022 for a full reopening.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

McDaniel College

  • In spring 2021, undergraduate courses are being offered in a blended model – in-person, hybrid and fully online courses.
  • Graduate instruction is online only with the exception of the MS in Teaching.
  • Reduced capacity in dorms, no triples or quads
  • New spring semester dates: February 1 through May 14 with spring break eliminated.
  • Fall 2021 plans include a primarily in-person experience with more than 90% of undergraduate classes to be offered as traditional in-person classes and 100% of labs. The other 10% of classes will mostly be offered in a hybrid format, which includes an in-person component.
  • Fall 2021 undergraduate classes will begin Aug. 23.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Notre Dame Maryland University

  • Spring 2021 classes returned to face-to-face instruction with hybrid options. Residence halls are open for the spring semester but will continue in a reduced, single-occupant per room capacity.
  • Nearly all classes for summer 2021 will be held remotely.
  • Women’s College courses for fall 2021 will be held in-person. Other NDMU colleges will hold classes in a hybrid model.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

St. John’s College

  •  Some classes will remain online for spring semester and some will be conducted in a hybrid format.
  • Housing will be available at a reduced density with single rooms only.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

Stevenson University

  • Classes are being conducted both online and in person, with an effort to move as many as possible to in person.
  • Students who have tested negative for COVID-19 have been permitted to stay in the Residence Halls.
  • A full return to campus life is planned for fall 2021.
  • See the complete, up-to-date plans here.

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