April 12, 2019 State House Update

The 2019 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly, the first of a new four-year term, concluded at midnight on April 8. A number of important pieces of legislation passed that impact businesses in the Greater Baltimore region. The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) monitored or took positions on approximately 10 percent of the 2,499 bills that were introduced.

This session was marked by significant change. The General Assembly welcomed 17 new Senators and 43 new Delegates who quickly became acclimated to the fast pace of the legislative process. There were also several changes to the leadership ranks in the Senate of Maryland and House of Delegates.

From the beginning of the session, both Presiding Officers struggled with personal illness. While this limited their involvement in some procedural matters, both remained steadfast in their commitment to ensuring that the work of the body progressed. With the passing of Speaker Michael Busch on April 7, the House of Delegates will select a new Speaker during a special session on May 1.

During the interim, the GBC will work through its committees and task forces to develop and refine policy positions to inform future legislation and initiate action-oriented approaches to solving policy issues.

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