April 14, 2022 State House Update

Monday, April 11 marked the last day of the final session of this Maryland General Assembly term. The session was more like pre-pandemic sessions than last year, with both the Senate and the House of Delegates meeting in their chambers without Plexiglas partitions. The members introduced 2500 bills this year, 1,013 in the Senate and 1,487 in the House. The Greater Baltimore Committee submitted testimony on 108 bills this session.

Although the closing hours of the 2022 legislative session was not as hectic as often seen, the stroke of midnight brought about a semblance of a return to normalcy with congratulatory speeches and the dropping of confetti and celebration.

The composition of the Maryland General Assembly will look much different next year with current members retiring, seeking other elected offices, or facing challenging re-election prospects due to legislative redistricting. For many this was a year that saw big ideas become a reality largely due the largess of available funding that is not usually enjoyed in a typical legislative session.

The Greater Baltimore Committee will follow the development or implementation of major policy initiatives such as climate change, paid medical and family leave, public safety reform, and the referendum on the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Additionally, the GBC will provide information on the candidates for statewide office, county executive, congressional, and key legislative races. As an organization, we do not support or endorse candidates but feel a responsibility to provide balanced information to educate business leaders and employees on key policy issues and the stance taken by candidates.

The GBC will continue to be serve as a premier business organization in Maryland, working with legislators and other organizations to support policies and programs that ensure a competitive business environment.

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