December 19, 2017 State House Update

The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) continually emphasizes the importance of creating a vibrant and competitive business climate. The GBC has adopted eight pillars that inform its advocacy efforts, promoting a strong business climate that spurs economic growth and job creation. The eight pillars are:

  • Government leadership that unites with business as a partner
  • Workforce that is highly-educated and meets Maryland’s business needs
  • Regulatory policies that are streamlined, stable and predictable
  • Tax structure that is fair and competitive
  • Competitive costs of doing business
  • Superior transportation infrastructure with reliable funding mechanisms
  • Strategic and effective state investments in business growth
  • Business marketing strategy that is aggressive, coordinated, long-term, and well-funded

The pillars appeared in the GBC’s report, “Gaining a Competitive Edge: Keys to Economic Growth and Job Creation in Maryland,” which was a comprehensive effort to define a competitive business climate for the Greater Baltimore region and the State of Maryland. To arrive at these pillars, the GBC engaged leaders from the business community, including several former secretaries of economic development, and local economic development professionals, for input on what makes Maryland’s economy tick.

When advocating on behalf of our members, the GBC bases its positions on these pillars. In fact, you will find that most of our testimony in Annapolis refers directly to these pillars as a means to make our case for or against a piece of legislation.  If you have some time, please read the report, “Gaining a Competitive Edge: Keys to Economic Growth and Job Creation in Maryland,” which you can find here.

Read the December 19, 2017 State House Update.

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