February 14, 2022 State House Update

Today marks the 34th day of the 90 day legislative session, and Friday, February 11 was the final day for House bill introductions. Any bills introduced after last Friday will be sent to the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee. The final day for Senate bill introductions was Tuesday February 7, and bills introduced after that will be sent to the Senate Rules Committee.

As of Friday, February 11, 1386 house bills and 909 Senate bills had been introduced, for a total of 2295 bills. The GBC has submitted testimony on 45 bills.

The Senate has announced that its COVID-19 safety procedures will shift on Monday, February 14. Beginning today, standing committee hearings will be in person and members of the public will have access to the committee rooms. All standing committee hearings and voting will be live-streamed on the Maryland General Assembly (MGA) website.

All oral testimony will be presented in person. In extraordinary circumstances, committee chairs may, at their discretion, allow pre-recorded video testimony. Individuals may submit electronic written testimony if they cannot testify in person.

The GBC will continue to represent your interests in Annapolis, whether hearings are virtual or in person. The House of Delegates will continue to hold committee hearings in a virtual format.

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