February 2, 2022 State House Update

Three full weeks of the 2022 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session are now complete.

The legislative committees are now extremely busy holding hearings on all of the legislation that has been introduced. In addition, the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee and the House Appropriations Committee have begun six weeks of budget hearings to review the Governor’s proposed Fiscal 2023 Operating Budget.

Expect a flurry of bill introductions over the next week to 10 days, as the bill introduction deadlines for the Senate and House are February 7 and 11, respectively. Any bills introduced after these dates will not be assigned to a committee for a scheduled hearing but referred to the respective chamber’s rules committee for consideration. The rules committees will determine if the bills will be referred to a standing committee, which once it receives the bill, is under no obligation to hold a hearing on a bill that is introduced after the filing deadline.

The GBC has already weighed in on a number of pieces of legislation that promote a competitive economic region, and will continue to advocate for the interests of the Baltimore region throughout the 90 day session.

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