July 13, 2022 State House Update

On Monday, June 27, the Greater Baltimore Committee and Greater Washington Partnership launched the Baltimore’s Transit Future campaign to rally support among leaders in the Baltimore region to provide a transformative transit system to better serve existing riders and successfully compete in the global economy. The campaign has already garnered support from many elected leaders, businesses, business organizations, labor unions, non-profit agencies, and civic leaders. In addition, more than 30 organizations have officially signed on as supporters, with their logos appearing on the bottom of the campaign website.
The Baltimore’s Transit Future campaign focuses on six goals:
  • Address the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) repair backlog and operator shortage
  • Establish frequent, reliable bus service to all regional job centers
  • Support regional coordination, decision making and funding
  • Implement a 10-year rapid transit program
  • Prioritize regional rail investment
  • Catalyze equitable development at transit and rail stations
The region is already making progress on many of the campaign’s goals. The campaign aims to align a broad and diverse set of private, civic, elected, and community leaders to accelerate momentum to ensure the region can compete for the more than $100 billion in federal transit funding in the next five years – the lifespan of the federal infrastructure bill.
A key priority of the campaign is to ensure the region’s low-income communities have greater access to a more reliable and expansive public transit system to catalyze inclusive growth and address income gaps in underserved and minority neighborhoods.
For more details and to view news coverage, visit:
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If you have questions about Baltimore’s Transit Future or want to get involved, please reach out to Teresa Milio Birge, Director of Policy and Research, at teresab@gbc.org.

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