June 15, 2022 State House Update

The end of May brought a flurry of gubernatorial vetoes as well as a number of bills that became law without Governor Hogan’s signature. Several GBC-supported bills were vetoed at that time, including one that would have required the state to fund a “Red Line” study, as well as a bill that would have required equity analyses for transportation plans and service changes. See the article below for more detailed information on the May 27 vetoes.

During the time between legislative sessions, called the “interim,” legislative committees meet to study issues of importance often related to bills that were introduced during the session. Every seat in the House and Senate is up for election this year, which will keep the amount of interim work to a minimum. The House Cannabis Referendum and Legalization Workgroup is one body that already scheduled meetings, beginning with a 7 p.m. organizational meeting on June 14. Guest Dr. John Hudak of Brookings, a cannabis policy expert, was anticipated to provide an overview of the cannabis regulatory and licensing landscape. Click here to view last night’s meeting.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our policy team. Teresa Milio Birge can be reached at teresab@gbc.org and Kam Bridges can be reached at kamb@gbc.org. Both can be reached by telephone at the GBC’s main number, 410-727-2820.

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