March 14, 2022 State House Update

The Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session is now in one of its busiest times. Tomorrow, March 15, marks the Committee Reporting Courtesy date, which is the date by which all committees are to have voted on bills they intend to report out to the full body. While not a strict requirement, the upcoming Bill Crossover Date on March 21 is a more definitive procedural rule. If a bill crosses to the opposite chamber after March 21, it will be sent to the chamber’s Rules Committee to determine if it should be sent to a standing policy committee.
This dynamic will result in both chambers working overtime to get bills to the opposite chamber by next Monday. There will likely be lengthy floor sessions, sometimes two a day, in order to get the needed work done.
To add to the busy week, the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee will be making its final decisions on the Fiscal 2023 budget today, and the budget bill will go to the Senate floor later this week. We anticipate the budget bill will cross over to the House of Delegates before the weekend.
So far 1,009 bills have been introduced in the Senate and 1,484 bills have been introduced in the House. GBC Staff is actively monitoring relevant legislative activity, and will keep you up to date on pertinent issues.

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