March 21, 2022 State House Update

Today is Crossover Day in the Maryland General Assembly when each legislative chamber sends to the other chamber the bills it intends to pass favorably. This concludes one of the busiest weeks of the General Assembly’s legislative session. For the past week, each chamber has held long floor sessions, often two in one day. Committee votes were scheduled around these floor sessions, making long days for both legislators and their staff.
This milestone on the legislative calendar signals that time is growing short to pass legislation. There’s just three weeks left in the 2022 session before it concludes on April 11.
Major legislation still awaits final passage on climate reform, family and medical leave and recreational cannabis legalization, so the next few weeks will feature a flurry of important decision making in the General Assembly.
This has been a very active year for legislators and for the Greater Baltimore Committee. To date, the GBC has submitted more than 110 pieces of testimony on business-related legislation and been actively involved in discussions with legislators regarding specific bills.

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