March 3, 2017 State House Update

A couple of weeks ago, we passed deadlines that guarantee bills introduced will be assigned to a committee and receive a hearing. Legislation can still be introduced after these deadlines, but chances for passage are decreased.

There are two important deadlines looming in March. First, March 14 is known as the committee reporting courtesy day. If a bill does not successfully report out of its first committee by that date, oftentimes it is not expected to move. Following that, March 20 is the opposite chamber bill crossover date, meaning that if a House bill does not pass the full House and a Senate bill does not clear the full Senate, the bill is unlikely to pass at all.

Read about other important deadlines and the legislation that the GBC weighed in directly on and what legislation received hearings this week in the Maryland General Assembly in the March 3, 2017 State House Update.