March 31, 2022 State House Update

As the Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session enters its final days, legislative activity picks up and decisions can be made very quickly.
As the current 90-day session is the final one of the four-year legislative term, members of the General Assembly have been particularly focused on presentment date, or the date on which a bill is presented to the Governor for his approval. The 2023 legislative session will feature a new group of legislators, and veto overrides can only be considered by the legislature that originally passed the bill. As such, legislative leadership is working to send controversial legislation to the Governor no later than Friday, April 1. By law, the Governor has six days (excluding Sundays) to sign or veto legislation, or the bill will become law without his signature. If a bill is presented to the Governor on Friday, April 1, he would have to return the veto by Friday, April 8, which would allow the legislature sufficient time to override the veto.
In order to meet this deadline, this week committee hearings were announced on short notice, including major climate reform legislation and legislation to enact a family medical leave insurance program.
The GBC has been closely following action on legislation impacting our membership, and have provided testimony on bills when appropriate. We will continue to represent your interests in Annapolis throughout the rest of the session.