Deadline Approaches For Businesses to Suggest Regulations That Deserve Extinction

As the Dec. 17 deadline approaches for a review of regulations by each state agency, business owners and executives still have a chance to make online suggestions of state regulations that should be changed or eliminated.

“Business owners and advocates should make sure they take advantage of the state’s Web site where they can suggest specific regulations that should be eliminated or reformed,” said GBC president and CEO Donald C. Fry.

To suggest a regulation that deserves extinction, click here. Then Click “Get in Touch” on the menu bar and enter your suggestion on the online form provided.

The state’s online feedback site is provided to give businesses an easy way to tell the governor and state officials about unnecessary regulations. On Oct. 17, Governor O’Malley issued an executive order asking each state agency to conduct a 60-day review of agency regulations to identify those that should be changed or eliminated in order to help spark job creation in the state.

“Many businesses are required to comply with regulations issued by numerous agencies,” the governor stated in his executive order, “and many of these regulations impose burdens that are not justified by present facts and circumstances and do not further the institutional missions of state agencies.

“Unnecessary and onerous regulations, waste private and public sector resources and jeopardize investments in the state’s economy.”

The governor and his staff appear to be paying attention to comments posted on the state’s suggestion site. Several comments have drawn online responses from the governor.


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