Problem Identification:
The Bureau of Solid Waste provides two collections of mixed refuse per week per household. This service level exceeds that of Baltimore County and other jurisdictions and strains the Bureau’s personnel and equipment resources. It also reduces residents’ incentive to make full use of the weekly recycling collection.

Recommended Action:
Adopt and implement a 1+1 mixed refuse collection plan
consisting of one collection of mixed refuse and one
recycling collection per week per household.

Cost Savings

Functional/Operational Area:
Bureau of Solid Waste

Estimated Annual Impact:

Estimated Implementation Costs:
While the implementation of 1+1 would result in larger mixed refuse loads, newly purchased 20-yard load packers and the reconfiguration of collection routes should enable the implementation of this recommendation at little or no cost.

Barriers to Implementation:
1+1 may be impractical in the more highly urbanized sections of the City due to the lack of available space for households to properly store a full week of mixed refuse. As a result, it may be necessary to limit implementation to the outlying, more suburban areas of the City.

Implementation will require action by the City Council to revise the related ordinance(s). This may prove politically difficult, particularly, if implementation is limited to certain districts. However, the overall benefits to the City, its residents and the business climate from a cleaner city should outweigh parochial objections.

Projected Implementation:
60 – 90 days

Next Steps:
Initiate review of the existing statutes to determine amendments needed to accommodate this change.

There is an existing plan that proposes implementation of
1+1 approach in the suburban areas of the City. Under this plan, it is estimated that the Bureau’s annual costs would be reduced by approximately $2.45 million, including crew and equipment cost reductions of $1.6 million and $550,000, respectively, with a related administrative cost savings of $300,000.

It is reasonable to expect that implementation of this plan would encourage/cause residents to make greater use of the recycling collection. This would generate additional cost savings as discussed in Recommendation 15-C.

Baltimore County and other jurisdictions around Baltimore City have adopted 1+1 mixed refuse collection plans. In addition, other cities in the Northeast, including Boston, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. have adopted some form of 1+1.