Don Fry comments on business community’s response to Baltimore’s civil unrest on WYPR

Greater Baltimore Committee President and CEO Donald C. Fry was a guest on “Midday with Dan Rodricks” on May 15, where he commented on an “outpouring” of business community support for helping the city recover from the recent riots in Baltimore.

Fry and Edwin Brake, managing director of Ellin & Tucker’s Baltimore office, discussed the role Baltimore’s corporate leaders have in making the city an attractive place to live and work and promoting a regional approach to help fix the inner city problems that have festered for decades.

The recent civil unrest isn’t necessarily a setback for Baltimore when it comes to attracting new businesses, said Fry, who noted he sees it more as “the pause button has been hit.”

“We still have the same assets, we still have the same strengths,” Fry said. “We just need to also address some of the other challenges that exist. But this is a great city, it’s a great business community. We have to now come together and I don’t say rebuild – I say we need to reconnect.

“We need to reconnect with the faith-based community, the communities at large, other advocates, and come up with a long-term sustainable approach that will get real results,” he said.

Despite recent events, Millennials, entrepreneurs and others remain committed to Baltimore and desire to be in the city, Fry said.

“They have not been deterred by the activities that occurred a couple of weeks ago,” he said. “They still see Baltimore as a good place to locate.”

Fry noted Baltimore has “tremendous” anchor institutions, such as Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

“There’s still great opportunities for businesses to come here and to grow,” Fry said.

To listen to the entire program, click here.

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