Don Fry Commentary: Baltimore’s Crime Strategy on WBAL NewsRadio

Baltimore PoliceBaltimore continues to see high rates of violent crime, especially shootings and homicides.

But a crime reduction strategy issued by the city’s new Police Commissioner provides a road map to bring about change.

There’s a lot to like in Police Commissioner Michael Harrison’s strategy.

The strategy aims to address crime with a two-pronged approach focusing on short-term and long-term issues.

Short-term tactics on crime control include:

  • Leveraging crime data to target police resources in micro-zones that have high rates of violent crime
  • Ensuring response times of 10 minutes or less for high priority calls
  • Targeting the most violent drug trafficking and criminal groups

Long-term measures focused on the root problems of crime include:

  • Developing job opportunities for those returning from incarceration
  • Guiding youth away from crime and violence
  • Rebuilding trust in local communities

Implementation is key.  The plan also must contain a sense of urgency. But results will not come overnight as Baltimore’s crime problem is very complex.

Success will come down to building stronger relationships.

Commissioner Harrison gets this as he wisely notes in his plan: “Good police work is all about developing positive relationships with members of the community … These relationships will make our officers better at what they do and make Baltimore a stronger and safer city.”

It’s time now for the entire city to get behind these words and be supportive so Commissioner Harrison can put his strategy to work and progress can begin.

I’m Don Fry, President & CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee. 

Listen to the commentary here.