Don Fry Commentary on WBAL NewsRadio: Coronavirus delayed mayoral race but doesn’t diminish its importance

Baltimore City Hall

The COVID-19 pandemic dominates the media and public’s attention each and every waking hour.

But there’s a transformative and pivotal election on the horizon for Baltimore City.

Many key offices are at stake including hotly contested races for Mayor, City Council President, and Comptroller.

This year’s election differs as traditional campaign tactics have had to take a back seat to virtual campaigns.

Voters can no longer rely on organized door knocking efforts or community forums to learn about or forge an opinion on a candidate.

This year every voter will need to take  time to learn about the candidates and their positions on major policy issues.

Fortunately, much information can be found online.

The 2020 Baltimore Election page found on the Greater Baltimore Committee’s website,, includes valuable candidate information.

Here voters will find questionnaire responses from the leading candidates on major topics such as the city’s budget, public safety, transportation, and workforce development.

Baltimore City needs elected leaders with a strong background and a visionary approach to solve the city’s complex problems.

The outcome of the June 2nd primary election will have a profound effect on the city for years to come.

It is critical that voters become informed and exercise their right to vote.

Elections matter and have consequences.

For that reason, elections cannot be a spectator sport!

I’m Don Fry, President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee.

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