Don Fry Commentary on WBAL NewsRadio: What Kind of Mayor Does Baltimore Need?

Baltimore City HallFall is barely upon us, but already the race for Mayor of the City of Baltimore is beginning to take shape and voters need to pay attention.

As the city readies for the April 28 primary, the compelling question for voters to consider is:

What kind of mayor does Baltimore need?

I suggest to you that Baltimore needs a strong and transformational leader as its Mayor.

What are some of the common traits found in such a leader?

  • The ability to articulate a clear vision for the city and to communicate goals to achieve the vision.
  • Being a good listener and collaborator.
  • Someone who is fully committed to the success of the entire city – the neighborhoods and its downtown – and never favoring one over the other.
  • Being adept at forging relationships and working with city council members as well as county and state elected officials.
  • Capable of attracting qualified professionals to manage city agencies and allowing them to do so.
  • An unabashed and passionate cheerleader for the city.
  • And above all, someone who possesses and abides by the highest ethical standards and will demand the same of all appointees.

As the Mayoral race takes shape, voters would do well to focus on looking past the media spin and to support candidates who display such traits.

By choosing such a candidate, only then will the next elected mayor not merely lead Baltimore, but dramatically transform the city for the betterment of current residents and the generations that follow.

I’m Don Fry, President & CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee.

Listen to the commentary here.