Donald C. Fry on economic impact of COVID-19 crisis on WBAL NewsRadio

GBC President and CEO Donald C. Fry appeared on WBAL NewsRadio with Robert Lang on March 24 to discuss the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the region.

Fry discussed Governor Hogan’s decision to shut down non-essential businesses. “These are extraordinary circumstances and they call for extraordinary measures,” he said.

When Lang asked if this hits Baltimore harder, Fry said, “Obviously Baltimore has a number of challenges that it’s been dealing with over the last couple years. But Baltimore has been a very resilient city.”

Fry added, “If we all band together and support one another as a business community … we’ll come out of this sooner … and will be back to moving toward an economic recovery.”

Listen to the interview here:

Source: WBAL NewsRadio

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