Enhanced Revenue Generating Capabilities

The Department is not maximizing its revenue-generating capabilities. A number of untapped revenue enhancement opportunities exist within the Department:

Special Facilities: These facilities are currently operated at a loss. The combined effort of professional facility and bookings management coupled with the competitive awarding of concession, pouring, and naming rights could: (1) increase the utilization of these facilities; and, (2) move the operation of these facilities from the ‘red’ to the ‘black.’

Marketing: The citizens that utilize the Department’s services comprise a major market of consumers that advertisers are interested in reaching. Advertising sponsorships and the sale of advertising space inside facilities and at Department-sponsored events could be lucrative sources of new revenues.

Fees: The Department has no rational fee structure. Wide disparities in fees exist from facility-to-facility. While there exist clear socioeconomic reasons why some communities might have less ability to pay for service than others, those decisions are made on an ‘ad hoc’ basis in the absence of uniform and enforced guidelines. Additionally, the Department could consider instituting a ‘tiered fee structure’ where non-city residents could be charged higher fees for utilizing City facilities and services.

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Enhanced Revenue Generating Capabilities
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