Executive Summary

At the request of Mayor Martin O’Malley, the Greater Baltimore Committee and the Presidents’ Roundtable were asked to review the operations of the City of Baltimore’s Department of Public Works (DPW). The DPW project team was led by Greater Baltimore Committee board members Donald A. Manekin, Senior Vice President/Partner, Manekin Corporation and Peter M. Martin, Chairman, President and CEO of Provident Bankshares Corporation and Presidents’ Roundtable members Tyrone Taborn, President, Career Communications Group, Inc. and Garland O. Williamson, President, Information Control Systems Corporation. The project team was divided into five subcommittees that focused on the following areas: fleet management, general services, solid waste, transportation, and water and wastewater.As part of the review process, members of the project team met several times with DPW’s senior management team, interviewed staff, conducted site visits, and studied the public works practices of other large cities. The project team leaders and the five subcommittees attempted to keep the review effort focused on identifying opportunities to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the services that DPW provides.The project team’s recommendations can be encapsulated within the following five overarching themes. These themes form the basis for the recommendations designed to improve the Department’s ability to respond to Baltimore’s public works needs and to act on the O’Malley Administration’s service priorities in the most cost efficient and effective fashion:

Introduction: Department of Public Works
Focusing on Core Public Works Functions by Creating New and More Effective Management Structures
Aligning Complementary Functions
Improving Asset Management
Utilizing Managed Competition to Reduce Costs
Measuring to Manage