FOX45: Proposed bill would give hazard pay to essential workers in Baltimore City

By Liz Ortiz

May 19, 2020

There’s a plan for a new law in Baltimore City that would mandate hazard pay for some of the people working during the pandemic.

The ordinance would require employers, with at least 100 employees, to pay premiums to certain hourly essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employers would have to pay the essential workers an additional $10 for a shift of four hours or less. Shifts between four and eight hours would be an additional $20, and an additional $25 for a shift more than eight hours.

“Our essential workers continue to put their lives on the line every day to ensure Baltimore continues to run during this pandemic,” said Council President Scott. “That is an extra risk to the health and safety of these workers and their families, and it should be compensated as such.”

Donald Fry, President and CEO, of the Greater Baltimore Committee does not support the idea of city mandated pay increases.

Fry provided the following statement to FOX45:

“The legislation and its financial implications would be detrimental to businesses that are providing essential services to citizens of Baltimore City. The intent of the bill runs counter to federal and state programs that have been enacted to provide employers financial assistance to meet their payroll and keep people employed. This is not the time to add an additional financial burden on businesses who are struggling to keep people employed and operating on thin margins during these challenging and uncertain times.”

According to Scott, the obligation to provide premium pay would end when the state of emergency is lifted.

The bill will first be reviewed by the Labor Committee.

To view the story, visit FOX45’s website.

Source: FOX45

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