GBC Careers

Chief Executive Officer

The GBC is seeking a dynamic inspirational leader who will work collaboratively with the business, government, nonprofit organizations, academia, the broader community, and other key regional stakeholders to stimulate inclusive economic development and growth while strengthening the internal capacity of the organization. The GBC CEO will lead the organization through a transformative era by partnering with the Board of Directors to chart a visionary strategy, mobilizing the leadership to proactively implement priorities and achieve tangible outcomes. They will shape a robust and inclusive economic environment across the region, where diverse businesses, education, and civic organizations will converge to foster a vibrant future. The CEO will build upon the region’s significant assets, while addressing key challenges to fully realizing its potential.

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Chief of Public Safety

A senior GBC staff member or consultant accountable to the GBC CEO and board, exclusively focused on partnering with public and private sector resources to support the development, implementation, and measurement of effective public safety strategies and achieved outcomes across the Greater Baltimore region.

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