GBC celebrates 63 years since organization was formed

The Greater Baltimore Committee celebrates on January 5, 2018 63 years since the organization was formed.

Eighty-three Baltimore business leaders met for dinner on January 5, 1955 and created the Greater Baltimore Committee. The idea to create an action-oriented organization of business leaders to visualize ways to meet Greater Baltimore’s competitive challenges and apply private sector influence and resources to accomplish key initiatives had been percolating for three years among a small group of business people, including a young mortgage banker named James Rouse.

Private-sector leaders were concerned about growing challenges Baltimore faced—a decaying central city, outmoded land use, declining property values and tax revenue.

The Greater Baltimore Committee was formed to take “prompt and aggressive action looking towards the solution of many of the city’s most pressing problems,” announced a press release GBC founders issued at their first 1955 meeting. The organization was “not interested in glamour, platitudes or false promises,” but instead was envisioned as an action committee dedicated to developing solutions to chronic problems that were impeding the city’s business growth.”

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